The Finest Fragrance Oils Anywhere!

The Finest Fragrance Oils Anywhere!

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Tazaryach's Creations supplies and offers the finest and purest 100% uncut fragrance body oils anywhere on the net! Our 1oz bottles are 15 dollars each, are uncut, and last all day, from morning to the evening!

We provide great smelling oils at affordable...... Try a bottle for yourself

What are Fragrance/Body Oils?

Body oils are an excellent alternative to perfumes and colognes which contain 70 - 90% of water or alcohol, which dilute the smell and take away from the power of the oil itself!

When you use perfume or cologne that has alcohol in it the alcohol causes the actual fragrance to evaporate faster thus causing you to use more perfume or cologne, which is a waste of your money and devalues the product.

Fragrance (or body) oils are non-alcoholic and do not contain water so if you purchase our oils you won’t have to worry about the scent fading. Fragrance oils leave your body when you wash them off so the scent can last all day or longer.

There is NO cut (meaning the person making them uses a carrier oil to dilute the concentrated oil thus creating more oil to sell). Other oils are un-cut (meaning the person making them does not dilute the highly-concentrated oil in any way). The scent of un-cut fragrance oils lasts longer because it is highly concentrated.